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Okoboji Wellness Clinic

Purple Powder DIY Bundle

Purple Powder DIY Bundle

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**We are currently OUT OF STOCK of our Lemon Powder, with new DIY Bundle order ship out date estimated for May 7. We CAN fulfill the Purple Powder DIY Bundle without Lemon Powder for now if you prefer.

Please email us at for details TO ORDER THIS WAY or call Okoboji Wellness Clinic at (712) 339-6024 TO ORDER THIS WAY.


This NEW 4 piece DIY bundle includes: ProImmune-Immune Formulation 200, Lemon Powder, SuperBeets, and Organic Spirulina Powder. Refer to the RECIPE CARD (in box) to make your very own batch of the glutathione and wellness boosting Purple Powder.

 Please call Okoboji Wellness Clinic at (712) 339-6024 with any questions.

*Purple Powder DIY Bundle will make 62 servings (scoops), and some items will need to be reordered for additional servings.

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